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Tridents Aquatics Club reserves the right of admission. The instructors are here to teach water polo, not to administer discipline. The instructor will never force a child to enter the water. All effort will be made to make the lessons fun, but the format is formal, in order to progress at an acceptable rate.

Should lessons be missed for any reason, except in the case of an emergency and/or sickness (this shall be deemed fit by the TAC coaching staff) or death, these lessons will not be made up.  In the event of an emergency, you are required to inform the relevant coaches within an acceptable time period (preferably more than 3hours). If lessons should be cancelled for any reason, the coaches will endeavour to make these lessons up. There will be no water polo in the event of a storm accompanied by severe lightning.

Althletes must attend lessons equipped with a suitable swimming costume, cap and goggles.

Tridents Aquatics Club will not be liable for the loss or misplacement of any items belonging to the swimmers or any person entering the premises.

Please note that should a training be on a public holiday, the training will be cancelled. 

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