Being first and foremost a sport scientist I see too many young ones now a days with injuries. Perhaps it’s a techno gen that may have had the influence on lifestyle or just the fast paced life styles we live today.

I see to many injuries hampering top athletic performance. So here are just a few helpful hints on some injuries particularly pertinent to aquatics athletes:

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The anatomy:

the_anatomyThe shoulder girdle consists of three bones forming the shoulder joint:

These include the Humerus, scapula and clavicle better known as the arm bone, shoulder blade and collar bone.

These bones all need to work in harmony in order to help create the varied movements. These movements include your passing and shooting skills, skulling and strokes.

There are many muscles that serve this joint and due to our sports repetitive nature its only over time that muscle imbalances are about to occur.

Water polo and swimming rely heavily on the anterior (front side of the body) chain of muscles so its vary often we find that shoulders will eventually start hunch over or we start developing niggles in the posterior side. This is due to weakened muscles needed to do extra work.

So what can we do to help strengthen these stabilisers?

Listed below are some exercises that I encourage every one of my club members to do before each session.

You will need some equipment that is very inexpensive that you can buy from our store or get at any local physiotherapist or biokinetisist.

You will need a resistance band – there are varied levels of resistance. I encourage all to start at the low level and work your way up from there. This piece of equipment should be packed in your tog bag before your costume even!

Here are some basic exercises that should be done
before each event and practice:

3 sets of 15-20 repetitions:

Shoulder internal rotation:

Shoulder internal rotation

Shoulder external rotation:

Shoulder external rotation

Front raises:


Side raises:

Side raises

Bent over rows:

Bent over

Seated rows:

Seated rows

More exercises can be found at


Keep strong

Make sure to do these each day to protect your shoulder and increase the longevity of your sport!

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